My Experience

My experience with camps started many years ago when, at a very young age, I was sent to a camp for two weeks. Since then camps have been a big part of my life.  I continued to go to summer camps until I was old enough to become a camp monitor myself! I am now a teacher and watching my class I have come to understand how all the experiences you have at Summer Camps help you grow as a child.

Sotogrande International Camps

At Sotogrande International Camp, our main focus is to have happy campers, who come not only for all the activities, sports and languages we have on offer but who are also ready to grow as individuals, developing their independence, teamwork, and life skills.
We can proudly say we have a great team of professional monitors at Sotogrande Camp. Our monitors understand that when at camp, they are responsible for each family’s precious children, and their role is to take care of them from the heart, making them feel safe and at ease at all times.

Fun and Much More!

Having fun is not our only priority. Nowadays kids usually lack autonomy due to growing up in a world where there is a tendency to overprotect children. By sending them to camp, you are giving them an opportunity to grow as a person,  they come to understand that they are responsible for their own space and actions. At camp, children can learn in a safe and caring environment, taking steps towards independence and realising the achievements they can make alone.

And yet camp is not only about individuals. Summer Camp is a place where a child’s self-awareness will develop and they slowly realise that others depend on them to carry out certain duties. They start to learn about teamwork and to think of the group. In the world we live in, teamwork and collaboration are essential to success. What is the best place to work on teamwork skills? Summer Camp!

The magic of camps doesn’t end there. Children learn many life skills, negotiation, compromise and co-existence within a group. By nature children are self-centred, and camp is the place where they are taught to be group-centred. They learn to balance the needs of individuals and the group, and to be helpful citizens.

Living Away from Home

Camp monitors are aware that it may be the first time living away from their families for some children, so we gently support and guide them through the rules of shared living. Always keeping their space tidy and organised to help make it fun to share a room with their friends. Those who have early wake ups will learn how to be quiet and respectful in the morning, and those who like to have late nights will learn to keep things quiet when it is time to sleep.

Should you Send your Kids?

I hope my experiences have helped to allay any doubts you have about Summer Camps. Should you send your kids?  – it’s a resounding YES!
Paula Arqués
Ex-Camper, Teacher and Summer Camp Director.