Why choose to send my child to a camp? At what age is it advisable? Which program and venue is most appropriate?
These are three of the most frequently asked questions I receive from parents as summer approaches. As a general response, I always say there is no one rule which can be applied to all children, parents know their children best and what suits one will not necessarily suit another. I encourage parents to talk to me about their children, what are their talents and dreams, is there a skill they have always wanted to learn? Using this information alongside our experience and knowledge, we work with parents to find the perfect camp.
We also provide opportunities for our campers to experience a wide range of activities and sports, each in lovely settings with first class facilities.  Professionals in their own area, our expert team helps campers to improve their unique interests, gifts and talents.
Living in an international community of more than 10 nationalities, our campers learn about other cultures,  developing an understanding of the world and improving their communication skills. Students minds are opened to new possibilities, their thinking is enriched, self-esteem improves and they flourish as well rounded individuals.
Parents can feel confident and happy knowing that their children are experiencing an unforgettable summer with Sotogrande International Camps!