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Terms & Conditions

A 350€/450€ (depending on the camp) non refundable deposit per child must be paid when booking the camp. Your reservation will be confirmed once the deposit has been received.

Should you have to cancel your reservation for any reason refunds are made on the following scale:
Cancellations received before 1st April 2020 Loss of deposit only
Cancellations received between 1st May – 31st May 2020 Loss of 50%
Cancellations received after 1st June 2020 Loss of 100%

The philosophy of our Camp is to bring together learning and fun elements, enriching the student experience and improving their social and communication skills in language learning and overall personality.
The International Summer Camp is offered in Full Accommodation mode as well as day use. Students will learn or improve their English, French and / or Spanish. The Camp will take place at Sotogrande International School and Sotogrande Boarding House located near the sea with many facilities: swimming pools, gym, etc.
The age range of our students are between 5 – 7 years old for the Nanos Camp 8- 13 years for the Junior Camp, 12 – 17 years for the English Immersion Camp, 10- 17 years for the Elite Camps (Golf and Tennis) and between 14- 17 years for the Masters Camp.
The schedule, activities, prices and dates of our Camp are available on our web https://www.sotograndeinternationalcamps.com
The duration of the Camp is a minimum of 2 weeks for the Junior, Masters and Elite Camps and a minimum of 1 week for the Swimming and Immersion Camp.
The Camp will provide the appropriate educational material.
Before the start of the Camp parents will be sent a list of clothing or items that should be brought to the camp.
Use of mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc. are allowed in the Camp only in the authorised areas and permitted times.

All participants must provide a copy of health insurance coverage certificate.

You reservation is made by completing in the application form and paying the reservation fee online. The reservation fee is deducted from the total price and is non-refundable. The prices are listed on the website https://www.sotograndeinternationalcamps.com
The total amount must be paid before the start of camp by the 1st May 2020.

Groups will have free transport to and from Málaga airport or train station and Gibraltar airport if they arrive within the time specified.
Unaccompanied Minor service will have an extra cost of 140€ per kid.

Arrival day (Sundays)
A member of SIS staff will be at Malaga airport from 10:00-13:00 and from 18:00-20:00 to welcome students enrolled in the Summer Camp. They will meet and look after all students arriving during these times. The Sotogrande International School bus will transport students to SIS Boarding House at 13:00 and 20:00.(Any students arriving outside these two time periods will be expected to take a taxi to SIS ,this can be arranged with prior notice at a special rate.)

Departure day (Saturdays)
On Departure Day there will be airport transfers by bus at 07:00 and at 13:00.
(Any students who have departure times that do not fit the schedule will be expected to take a taxi to the airport, this can be arranged with prior notice at a special rate.) All students must check out of their rooms by 11:00, luggage can be stored if they are using the 13:00 transfer

By train (AVE- Maria Zambrano Station Málaga))
By plane (Airport transfer to Sotogrande is included in the Package from:  Málaga (AGP) Gibraltar (GIB)

The data, photos, videos of participants will be used solely for promotional purposes.

The camp disclaims any liability or negligent conduct incurred during the development of the work by third parties, responding in this case as subsidiary parties.
The campers are responsible for their belongings and parents discharge of any damage, loss or theft.

The Camp offers different menus and follows a nut free diet policy but cannot accept responsibility for any allergy-related incidents. The Camp Director reserves the right to refuse a student whose medical and allergy condition may represent a risk.

UNFORESEEABLE CIRCUMSTANCES: The camp cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur because of unforeseeable circumstances (Natural disaster, epidemics etc…) If your child/ren’s inward flight is delayed, it is up to the parents to make necessary arrangements, to liaise with the airlines and to contact the Summer Camp Office as soon as possible. If the outward flight is delayed or cancelled the Summer Camp Office will contact the parents and will make the arrangements to accommodate the student and organize another flight.  Any additional cost will be borne by the parents. According to availability the Summer Camp will house any student unable to leave the camp at the planned date for 50€/day and will invoice the parents. Should there be no availability in the camp for your child/ren, The Summer Office reserves the right to organize the placement of the student, under supervision, in a local hotel at the parents’ expense.

 CONDUCT: All students will conduct themselves in a manner which is correct and acceptable by all regardless of age, gender, language, nationality and religion. The Summer Camp Director reserves the right to send home without reimbursement anyone whose behaviour goes against the camp ethos. Any additional cost (plane tickets, damage to school property, taxi runs, food) will be at the parent’s expense. Parents are expected to pick up their child within 48 hours of having been notified.

SORTIE: Students ages 15 – 17 years old have the option to go out of campus during their recreational time on Mondays and Fridays unsupervised prior authorisation by a member of staff. The camp operates a signing-out system that all students concerned have to abide by.

SMOKING/ALCOHOL: The possession or consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden on and off campus. Any break of these rules will be seriously dealt with and may result in the student being sent home at their parents’ expense.

FLOORS: Boys and girls are not allowed to visit each other’s room at any time.