Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How many children are in each group?

Normally the maximum group size for language classes is 12 students.
For the groups in morning sports activities it will depend on each sport and how popular it is, however the ratio of stduent to monitor will always remain low.

2.What is the student to monitor ratio?

We work on a ratio of one monitor to each eight students.
For the younger campers (8yrs) we operate with a ratio of one monitor to five campers.

3. Is English spoken in activities outside the classroom?

The official language of the Camp is English and outside lessons the students have the opportunity to continue improving their language skills. Also some of the morning activities like tennis and art and Drama are

4. Is a laundry service included in the price of the Camp?
Yes on arrival all our Campers are given a laundry bag to store their dirty

5. Within the sports programme do Campers have to choose one option is that correct? How many days a week and how many hours are set aside for sports?

Our Campers select one sport per week and this takes place every day from 10:00-13:00 New for this year we have a multi-sport option which offers the choice of a different sport each day (sailing, tennis, horse riding,and on the last day of the week they can repeat the activity they enjoyed most).

6. Apart from these specialist sports activities, do they take part in any others on the beach or is the rest of their time spent on Campus except for the excursions on Saturdays?

On weekends we all go to the beach as well as the excursion as during the week we do not have time. In the afternoons we have language lessons and we have evening games and activities.

7. Could you send me some images and further information about the Campus? How many students share a room/bathroom?

You can see many images via our social media outlets
Facebook: sotogrande international camps
Instagram: @sotoschoolcamps

The rooms are big are there are eight students in bunk beds in each room. There are several bathrooms in the building.

8. If a child has to administer an injection every day before bedtime, is there anyone who can help them with this?

We have a qualified nurse on site every morning and if help in this type of case is required it can be arranged.

9. Are there any additional costs we need to consider?

All the costs are included as well as the camp uniform. Most families leave their children some pocket money which our monitors can look after and give to the children when we are on excursions.

10. Do the children mix with English speakers on the Campus or in their rooms?

Room distribution is normally based on ensuring a good mix of nationalities and maintaining the International feel of the Camp.
If a family expresses a wish for campers to be roomed together that can be accommodated.