Terms & Conditions

Full payment due when reservation is made.


Should you have to cancel your reservation for any reason refunds are made on the following scale,
Cancellations received before 1st May 2017 Full refund
Cancellations received between 1st May – 31st May 2017 Loss of 50%
Cancellations received after 1st June 2017 Loss of 100%
If you have any enquiries concerning the booking process please contact us at internationalcamps@sis.gl


The philosophy of our Camp is to bring together learning and fun elements, enriching the student experience and improving their social and communication skills in language learning and overall personality.
It is understood that all students participating in the camp will behave politely and respectfully with teachers, peers, facilities, etc. for the proper development and evolution of the camp. If this is not the case they may receive a warning and in case of serious misconduct, the Director reserves the right to remove them from the camp, without the right to be reimbursed.
The English Immersion Camp is offered in Full Accommodation mode as well as day use.
The Camp will take place at The Boarding House located near the sea with many facilities: swimming pool, gym, etc.
The age range of our students are between 12- 17 years.
The schedule and activities of our Camp are available on our web http://www.sotograndeinternationalcamps.com
Both the programme and Camp prices are specified on our web http://www.sotograndeinternationalcamps.com or advertising brochures.
The duration of the Camp is in optional sections, you can choose the number of weeks with a minimum of one week.
Groups will have free transport to and from Málaga airport or train station, Gibraltar airport and Tarifa Port if they arrive within the times specified on the booking form.
The Camp will provide the appropriate educational material.
Before the start of the Camp parents will be sent a list of clothing or items that should be brought to the Camp.
Use of mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc. are allowed in the Camp only in the authorised areas and permitted times.
Smoking, alcohol and drugs of all kinds are prohibited throughout the duration of the Camp.
There will be an emergency contact number available throughout the duration of the Camp.


All participants must provide a copy of health insurance coverage certificate.


Your reservation is made by completing the application form and paying the Camp feea.The prices are listed on the website http://www.sotograndeinternationalcamps.com
The total amount must be paid before the start of camp by the 1st May 2017.


The data, photos, videos of participants will be used solely for promotional purposes.


The camp disclaims any liability or negligent conduct incurred during the development of the work by third parties, functioning in this case as subsidiary parties.
Any dispute that may arise will be resolved in the first instance, in good will between the parties, and otherwise be brought before the corresponding Spanish courts.